April 9th, 2008


Home Again Home Again

Good trip, enjoyed myself, had a great time in San Diego and many thanks to everyone (both LA and SD) for the hospitalities. No problems with connections on the homeward legs. Even after shifting loads and books and an extra bag provided by wedschilde and sanguinepen, got tagged for overweight bag. I guess I just bought too many books.


Herself picked me up at the airport in Tampa. Traffic proved horrible (no surprises) until we got past the I-4/I-275 interchange and were heading out of town. Turns out the Women's Final Four NCAA Basketball games are in town. We didn't stick around for them. Got back to the Ranch around 23:00, pulled bags out of Syndey SubaruOutback and went to greet the Border Collies and give them snookies and noogies. Dogs love noogies.

Then plop.

Then up way too soon and in to Hospital today. I think I'll get something accomplished. At least one thing. I think.

Need more coffee.