April 10th, 2008


What Time Zone Am I In?

Partially unpacked yesterday. The two smaller bags (one a pseudo-loaner to help get books & schtuph home) are unpacked. The big bag remains to be unpacked. Saying bags are unpacked is only partially a truth. There were bags within bags going on here. Some of the inner bags are unpacked because they're out of the outer bags.

What time zone am I in? Pretty sure it's not the Twilight Zone, but not positive.

ah well. Jetlag R Us.

Unpacking the bags is sort of easy. Clothing comes out and goes into laundry basket. Other stuff comes out too. Sort of put away, or at least (like those bags in bags) put into another place. Later, unpack those inner bags. Mostly, that's books. Or papers, from the conference.

Am I in this time zone? Or that one?

ah well. I go home now.