April 18th, 2008


(no subject)

Another day. Another visit. Some chores done, classified in with the 'In charge of nothing' category. Dropped grand-niece off with niece (grand-niece's aunt) in Dartmouth, passing through New Betha (New Bedford, local pronunciation) (New Bedford, of whaling ship/industry fame). Grabbed dinner on the way back, snatched the checque away from brother-in-law. A successful conspiracy. Coming home, ran up along the western side of the Cape Cod Canal. Did you know there's a Cape Cod Canal? There is, has been for a long time. Since it was build, does that make Cape Cod an island? Is surrounded on all sides by water.

Some photographs. Mostly snapshots. I've not even really looked at them closely. Need to look at photographs from Other West Coast trip for g'ness sake. Still making photographs. In fact, if I wake up before rest of house again tomorrow morning (probable) may just go out to make photographs early. There's a cemetery not far from the house. Could be interesting.

Saw a couple meme in friends blogs today. Look interesting, but I don't want to play.