April 22nd, 2008


Tuesday Morning, 06:00 AM

Actually a bit later now, you'll get over it. That's when I got out of bed, giving up on the effort to try and get some more sleep. House is now stirring, and currently Grand Niece is packing her bag for a day at the beach with school-mates. This is Spring Break week on the Cape, and this is an organised activity for ... well, something associated with school. I'm drinking my coffee, which is coffee only by attribution. Brother-in-Law purchases 'Caffeine Light' something or other.

I'll need to start packing in a bit, won't take long. Truth told, things are almost packed already. One question is will I swap cards in the D70s or not; camera needs to go in for annual service I suppose, though the problem I'm experiencing may be due to the age of the compact flash card. I'd recently purchased another one because of problems with the second (of two) 1 Gb cards I'd been using, both over 3 years old (not by much), and both at this point with a huge number of files moved on and off of them. Those two cards are occasionally giving me a message 'Card can not be used'. Whatever photograph I took to get the message doesn't record.

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