April 27th, 2008



Considered, quite seriously, an invite to head down to St. Pete for yesterday evening. Good food, good company, promised to be good times.

Been traveling too much this month. Herself headed off in the morning for SCA, fairly local event called Gathering of the Clans (Scots theme). She took some of her store for setup, had fun. I know 'cause I asked this morning while we chatted over morning coffee.

Me, I opted to stay home. Walked Ranch rounds with Houdini, spent some good time with him. We sat and watched teh cows for a while talking. Well, I talked, he listened. Afternoon, I made a run to the edge of Hoggetowne for a gift card for office-mate who's leaving, taking a new position. Also picked up a couple things for Studio, and replenished the larder a bit for dog and cat food, as well as milk & creamer. Caught up on a couple other little chores about the Ranch, again with Houdini for company. And in the evening, a hot, hot soak. Much needed.

Today we achieved laundry completion, plus some photo sorting, plus a haircut I've been needing for a bit. Feels much better shorter. Herself says the gray hairs are becoming hard to see. Took the luggage bags over to Studio which is where we store them when not in use. There's a few things in one of them which needs to be 'unpacked'. Not really anything I traveled with, they're all things which needed to move over to Studio as that's where they will live longer term. Didn't get the big cotton backdrop washed this weekend; I'll do that next weekend.

It's probably a good thing I didn't take the backdrop with me. As it is, washed six loads and the local migrant workers were in doing their laundry also. There's a lot of work going on now for the migrants, planting work and some harvesting (strawberries, I believe). Sunday is their one free day. So I didn't hog six washers to get all loads done in one fell swoop, leaving more available for everyone to use. Not bringing in that backdrop then this week is helpful to them.

Now it's time to go feed the horses, and the cows their evening ration, and then the Bros. Then it'll be time for our dinner. Tonight is the sausage on a stick pieces Herself did up for her upcoming SCA feast. It's still experimental. These ones were frozen after initial prep work, and the experiment is to see if that changes their flavours or textures at all, thawing and then preparing. If not, it makes prep work easier. She can put them together long before the event (call it a month or so), freeze, and then thaw and cook on site.

So, time to go. Need to keep my chores done 'fore I can eat dinner myself.