May 2nd, 2008


I Can Haz Treo

However, I do not quite yet have functional Treo. Ordered two new phones for Herself and I, and the one for myself is a Palm Treo 750. The phones arrived on Wednesday according to the shipper's web site/tracking page. We didn't find them until yesterday afternoon, early evening. They'd been left on the back porch of Studio 318, inside, leaning against the back door. Probably the delivery fellow arrived on teh Ranch when Herself was off making a feed run. This is OK, overall, as the phones arrived.

I haven't activated the new account/numbers (they're the same numbers, and the old phones are still responding to them) quite yet. The instructions that came with both phones indicated getting the batteries fully charged first (done), and for the Treo installing the synchronisation software and synching the device first.

Herein lies the current dilemma. I ordered the phone under the impression it is using Palm's operating system. This proves not to be the case. It's using Windows Mobile, and so the software is Microshaft's Active Synch. I've installed that. It appears to have installed acceptably. However, the PC won't find the device, even when the device is connected via the hot-synch cable. What I can see of the configuration setup is that it's all set up correctly, but I don't have the time right now to trouble-shoot in depth.

Maybe later.

Meanwhile, the old phone is connecting, the old Palm Tungsten is still working though with wonky colours (and not Willy Wonka either) on the display making it very difficult to read. More on the saga as time permits.

Because Hospital wants me to do things, other things, than getting my new phone toy working.

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New phone (Palm Treo 750) is now recognised by laptop & will sync; however there's nothing to sync just yet. Phone is activated, so if you've got my cell # and you call me, that's what I'll be using. If you don't have my cell # & I know you... why don't you? If I don't know you... fuggetaboudit!

I shall research later, when I get home, about exporting from the Palm Desktop software all the contacts/memos/calendar/to-do things and such. Either that or if I can specify the microshaft windersheissync software use the Palm Desktop database for such things, which would be nice.

Oh, and the Treo 750 has a cellcam. Just what I need, another camera. Heh.