May 5th, 2008


Question For the Flist

As others mentioned in my Flist, much (if not all) knowledge is available through the Intarwebz. So here's my position & dilemma. Mentioned earlier, the new replacement phone (trying to combine the phone with the PDA for simplification purposes) is a Treo 750. Turns out this uses the Windows Mobile application rather than the Palm OS. Further investigation (not necessarily complete) indicates that the phone will much prefer if I use Microshaft's Outlook as my Personal Information Manager rather than the Palm Desktop I've been using. There are apps available to migrate the data. That's not my problem.

I want feedback on Microshaft's Outlook. I've never used it. One may be able to tell from the way I name it, I'm not a big fan of the vending company. On the other hand, I do allow credit where it's due and there are at least two applications from the vending company which I've used, and decided do represent state of the art functionality and ease of use. The majority of their software, however, leaves me with a huge disconnect between what I want, and how I want to be treated by a vendor, and what is supplied.

I need this feedback to make a decision to either continue to use this particular 'smartphone', or switch to another model inside my 30 day trial.

So, Flist, what's the buzz, tell me what's a happenin'

This Morning

Fog blanketed North Central Baja Jorja as I left the Ranch for work. Not so heavy that one couldn't see at all. Visibility varied from as little as 300 feet to 3/4 mile. The sun wasn't quite visible above the horizon, just enough light to let everyone know it would be soon. One of those mornings that incredible photo opportunities are available. Except, of course, I'm earning my daily bread selling my time to Hospital.

I frequently will see things as great photos, only I know I'm not going to make the photograph. Usually it's because I don't happen to have a camera with me, or perhaps I'm out of film or space on the memory card. This morning fits the former category. Our horses grazed in the morning, not far from the gate, and that provided today's stimulus for this philosophical moment. No camera. Would want to wait for a bit more light, anyway. Gotta go to Hospital.

Wouldn't you know one of the features on NPR discussed retirement, since this year is truly the first 'wave' of the Boomer generation hitting the magic year for collecting Social Security. I'm not there yet, and even after the two years and some change left before I can tell Hospital, "It's been grand, now pay me not to come here anymore," I'm still going to need to sell my time to someone for things like health insurance and other mandatory expenses. Oh, yes, I will, and thank you very much Mr. Bush. Not Jeb, his older (chronologically) brother.

Yet, I'm feeling twinges of resentment that I can't make the time available for photographs such as 'Horses Grazing in the Fog'. Oh, I made my choices and I'm rather OK with them, or at least mostly. I opted for somewhat greater security which means somewhat more restricted time for creativity just now.

Tempus fugit.

And I'm receiving all too many reminders of that recently.