May 13th, 2008


No Title At Writing Time

Think I forgot to mention in the weekend summary yesterday, also changed out a flat tire on Forrest NissanPickup. Not sure why the tire went flat. Might of found a bit of debris through the tread, and we did use the pickup to pull the fence wire. The spare is a regular tire (as opposed to a 'donut' spare often seen these days... it is after all a working truck), but a left-over from a previous tire change purchase. It's showing signs of age and riding around under the truck. Holding air though. Herself is supposed to take the tire to the tire place to day, check if it can be plugged or what.

Other things happened yesterday evening. Ranch things. Some of it is related to the time of year. Parts of Baja Jorja are on fire... must be spring. Indeed, we received enough rain in March & April to cause the grass to turn green and trees to sprout. Then, nada, it's gotten dry (another reason I worked on water points and water conservation over the weekend), and the grass isn't growing. For the horses and cows, this means not much graze. With the cows specifically, if they get hungry enough they'll start testing fences again.

Woke up around 02:00 and couldn't get to sleep again, did drift in and out sometime between 04:00 & 05:00 when the alarm went off. Could be hamster wheels, could be other things. Mostly spent the time meditating to keep the mind clear and encourage going back to sleep. Right.

So you get a wee poetry lesson, in the sense that a thought which did percolate through all of this, I recorded, more or less for reference. It's an iambic couplet, not iambic pentameter as there are only four feet, and not rhymed as it is. For something which would be rhymed, the scheme is implied. It could also work in free verse.

A: In dark of night my thoughts are bleak
B: And brown as drought-burnt pasture grass.

One of the benefits of using a PDA, or PDA smartphone combo is I wrote this in a note on the Treo, using the tiny QWERTY keypad. Thumbs only typing, and not bad for sometime around 03:30. I will state my position that I typed it in Early American English, since it says 'thoughtf' in the note, not thoughts.

It's a poetry lesson because:
- it's iambic
- it's a couplet
- it's recorded, so I won't forget it which is important if I'm ever going to use it (who knows), and
- it's written, and as someone I've been reading recently pointed out, the fact that I've written it makes me a writer (unpublished, or self-published considering it's in Live Journal now).


Morning. Yes, that's the time of day. Probably not so bleak as this sounds overall, just another day here in North Central Baja Jorja.