May 16th, 2008



Today I feel like a flounder. Or at least like I'm floundering, despite the concept that I'm supposed to know what I'm doing. Now, I do know what I'm doing because we're getting ready for Integrated Testing on this project we're working on, the Interdisciplinary Plan of Care. I know what I'm doing on the following points:

- Anything on that Plan related to Nursing
- What we're doing, specifically, is writing a script. Do this, Do this, Do this.

Where I'm feeling like a flounder is that Interdisciplinary part. Interdisciplinary means, in this instance, various and sundry professional disciplines which provide some aspect of care to the patient, namely and to whit: Nutrition, Planning Services (discharge planning), Rehab (PT, OT, Speech), and Respiratory. I feel like a flounder because two of those services have their own, dedicated areas of the on-line charting application. As a member of Nursing, I don't have access to those areas of the application. Thus, I've no idea what their screens look like, what data fields they need to fill in, other than the Plan of Care.

Isn't that special?

The bad news is, we (the Nursing Systems Analysts) are responsible for preparing six of these scripts.

The good news is, my two cohorts are feeling quite just as Flounderish.

The very good news is, once we dissociate from the concept that This Scenario Must Make Sense, and assume the concept that Testing Must Touch Everything, being a scriptwriter becomes a bit easier. And for the parts where we don't know the Screens/Data Fields?

Service: Enter Data in All Appropriate Fields on All Appropriate Screens.
Service: Add Appropriate Problems.
Service: Select All Outcomes and All Interventions for Selected Problems.


Now, do this six times. For two 'record touches' per day of testing.

We may be here all night.
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