May 25th, 2008


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I went to see this with some trepidation. Recent work by George Lucas, specifically the three most recent Star Wars releases (the first three story episodes in that arc, as the timeline was introduced in the middle in the original releases) did not bring a strong story-line and lacked something in overall character presentation or development. I’m glad to have seen them, but they really felt as if the productions were made from the story arc outline, without a great deal of further development or thought for story. A lot of space, then, for the same thing to happen in another iconic story line.

Based on the trailers seen, I did expect a fairly well done and at least entertaining action movie, certainly more so than the third Star Wars episode. Still, that space for disappointment exists.

This, delightfully, proves not to be the case. The former, a mere outline of the story arc, did not transpire at all. Nor were impossible goals set regarding the ages of the two important characters. Another character, portrayed by yet another favored actor, is introduced. The villainess, while perhaps not so evil as other villains in earlier stories, provided enough presence to believe.

Today, I’m on my own. Made morning rounds, fed the ranch, and now relaxing in the house working on various other things. This evening I’m off to S and K’s for dinner. That’s actually the one thing which is bothering me a bit; they are timing things early enough that there’s a sufficient gap for the cows to act up and get out of the pasture looking for food. They’ll be looking for food because we’ve not received sufficient rain to help the grass grow. Our pastures are looking ... not green. In areas the grass feels brittle and crunchy from the drought. Feeding the cows shortly before sunset seems to help in keeping them home. We’ll see, as this will be somewhat earlier.

I’ll be walking down to Riku and back again as well, since the truck wants to sit and wait until Tuesday. So I shall want to make sure I bring a flashlight torch with me.

LOL. The spell-checker that is built into Firefox, it thinks I've mis-spelled villainness up there. Possibly I have, but what I'm laughing about is one of the suggestions the spell checker is offering as an alternative, is Gainesville.