May 29th, 2008


Holt City Heist (part 3)

International Relations

The ride to the 6th Precinct took little time, traffic moving briskly and mostly being the cable-cars and delivery wagons. Our driver deposited us at the main door and drove off to the garage. I motioned Ofuroyama through ahead of me. We nodded to Sargent Feuerschmidt at the desk, talking to an otter carrying a big camera. The otter bounced over in front of me.

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"That is a good reason. Yes, Ramaji will move tonight, most probably during the festival. We may gain additional information before. I know place where such is found. We must be ready, and rested." He looked around the room. "May I use chair for nap, please?" I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, sure. I plan on catching some zee's here." And with that I stretched out, propping my boots on the far armrest and my head on the near one. Experience taught me long ago never to waste time for sleep. I was out in seconds.

To Be Continued ...

Ninja Pyrates!

Um. What?

Absolutely no energy and very little motivation today. Absolutely.

So I went looking for pictures of otters. And found some over on Flickr. No, I'm not posting the pic here, even though there is a 'blog this' choice on it. It's someone else's work, I didn't ask, but hey I can pimp their work.

So you get both another part of an otter story and an otter pic reference from me today. At least now, maybe I can feel accomplished. Maybe.