May 30th, 2008

Ninja Pyrates!

Holt City Heist (part 3a)

Skippy's Chemo

The Place to go for information in Holt City is Skippy's Chemo.

It may seem odd, a place that close to a church being a hotbed of news about all kinds of things, but it makes sense in a way. Caffeine and gossip, both ways to catch a buzz. Toss in an after-hours speakeasy and you can find out what wide-awake drunks talk about a whole lot of things they might not aught to. Then they can go ask forgiveness.

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"Hey, where'd you put your shotgun," Weisman asked. Ofuroyama's whiskers twitched.

"Where is easy to reach it if needed," he said. "Go, now, Dutch-san. Time is now important." I trotted off across the street to the front door of Our Lady of PSI.

To Be Continued ...