June 5th, 2008



Taught 2 classes this morning. Yea.

Slept through the alarm. OhNoes.

Since you already know I taught 2 classes, made it to work on time even waking up a bit later. Yea.

Thought I'd lost one of my thumbdrives. OhNoes.

Found it. Yea.

Found it in the pocket of trousers I'd washed and dried already. OhNoes!!!!!

Good news; if you find such a thumbdrive after it has well and truly dried out, it appears to still be working. Yea!

So far for today, the Yea's! are ahead of the OnNoes! by one.

Edit: Nope. Got a call from Herself. Mamma Mudge Bordercollie just died. She was a grand old girl, and we will miss her.

The OnNoes! are definitely ahead now. ::sighs