June 19th, 2008



Yesterday proved a good day, spending clinical time in the OR. I did manage to miss spreading Hippie Birdbaths for nurse_tabby, yesterday, so they're a day late. Being she's a fellow nurse, I'm gonna guess she understands. So, today, Hippie Un-birthday, nurse_tabby!

Thunderstorm last night, just around sundown. Knocked the power out, though not for a length of time. Still, we're good.

Smudge BorderCollie woke me up at 01:00 barking about something, which set his brothers off. Not sure what he was barking at, as all quiet outside, all chickens roosting contentedly, goats sleeping, cows... didn't check them, but they were all present before the storm started. Usually they don't wander after dark. Before it's dark, yes, and trouble later but not after dark.

Quieted down fine after I did my checks. However, could not get back to sleep. Then when I did, disturbing dreams. I've often mentioned here it's unusual enough for me to even recall dreaming, much less content. I do not call these dreams nightmares. Disturbing yes. Very unpleasant things happening to dogs, not our dogs (though one briefly started me to think Mudge, only it wasn't her), nor do I know who did the unpleasant things. Just... yeah.

My iShuffle needs to be charged. No music today. Oh well.