June 27th, 2008

FCORN Secretary


I am not going to Hospital today, but rather a bit south and east, to the Atlantic coast, and the FCORN meeting. There I shall execute my duties as FCORN Secretary this weekend, while also accumulating some additional Continuing Education. Handy, that latter, because I now start the process over.

That is, I've recently renewed my RN license in the state of Baja Jorja, and recertified my CNOR. The former is good for another two years. The latter is good for another five years, and at that point I may be converting it to a CNOR (Emeritus) as in that five years time I hope to no longer be practicing clinical nursing on anything other than a part-time basis. And that may be voluntary work, as in traveling with one of the various groups which do so to provide health care in areas where it isn't quite so prevalent.

But today, it's travel time. When I leave the Intarwebz this morning it will be to pack (basically an overnight bag, mostly set already), load the car, and depart. There will be Intarwebz where I am going, though I don't expect to be using the access during the day.

Yes, I shall most probably be packing along the camera kit. Not sure what photos may be forthcoming, but if there's no camera, there will be no photos. Which, of course, glosses over the camera in the Treo. So there could be snapshots. We'll see.

M Tired

However, there's another function yet tonight. The Summer FCORN meeting is when the newly elected officers are installed. Since I's a serving officer, I probably should go. Not too tired, really, but it wouldn't be hard to crash now. Probably wake up way too early though.

Cleanup a bit, then off to see what happens.

Oh. One stowaway. Those to whom it matters will know of which I speak. *G*

After the Shindig

Readers may recall that last year about the same time, the same shindig took place. Out New Fearless Leader used a Star Trek theme because she is a big Star Trek fan. Almost as big a fan as I. She chose Lt. Uhura as an image for the Secretary, because Uhura was the Communications Officer. So, I make a Lt. Uhura icon.

Now Past Fearless Leader used a Star Trek theme in her thank-you gifts when stepping down. She spent the year collecting items via eBay. Because Lt. Uhura is in the image on the Hamilton Collectors Plate, she selected this one for your humble Secretary. So of course I made it into an icon. Might be hard to see in the little image.

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I can haz Tribbles!