July 8th, 2008


This Here 'Puter

Regular Gentle Readers will recall my mentioning that Computer De Herself experienced a problem following an intense series of thunderstorms here in North Central Baja Jorja about a week and a half back. Said 'puter does not boot, which I checked by installing a different, bootable operating system hard drive before taking it in to the computer repair shop.

Thus we come to todays phone call with CR (Computer Repairman)

CR: I checked the motherboard, the CPU, and the RAM, it all looks good. But the computer doesn't boot. It's not the original hard drive in there, I wasn't expecting W2K.

Me: Well, I put that drive in to check if it was a problem with Herselfs hard drive, because the PC wouldn't boot on the original drive either. How'd you know it's W2K on this drive? Did it try to boot?

CR: Well, I got a flash-screen that said W2K. Then nothing.

Me: That is further along than we got with either the original drive or this drive in the PC.

CR: Well, it won't boot. I don't know what's wrong, and can't tell you anything without checking the original drive. It might boot with the original drive.

< headdesk >

Is it just me or is there a disconnect in this discussion?

The other possible service from these folks is wireless high-speed Internet connection. Apparently they are using a portion of the electronic spectrum formerly used by some cell phones, now no longer being so used because of improvements in cell phone technology. It does require line-of-sight transmission between antennas. Apparently, there's too much tree cover between us and the nearest booster antenna for the service, unless we put in an 80' tower.

This, because the phone company hasn't extended their DSL lines to cover our phone line. Which, curiously enough, they received a rate increase authorisation from the Baja Jorja Legislature to 'improve services' last year.

Think it's time for a letter to the State Representative.