July 13th, 2008



So onward to another boring entry, which follows a que from other people I read here on LJ who post what it is they're reading. After all, one of the reasons I read (and write) on LJ is because I've got this monkey on my back, called Reading. Rather redundant use of words, and hey, get over it.

So what have I been reading? For the past couple of months, I've been reading a batch of books which came out of my Eldest Sister's house. Sue would periodically box up books and send them along to her siblings. Got to say it that way because I wasn't the only recipient of this largess. When I went up to Cape Cod to say our goodbyes, Bro-in-Law kept insisting to select some books and he'd ship them along. Which I did, and he did. I'd only selected paperbacks, but there are a couple hard-backs in the box. Those I've not read yet.

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Yesterday I spent in quite boring not quite catalog work for my photographs. Not quite catalog work because what I actually did was compare files on the Laptop HD with files on backup HDs (plural) so as to thin out and create space on the laptop. Available space was down to just over 1 Gb, not particularly an optimal situation. Since I've been moving about with a convenient, small USB HD of significant capacity, I decided a lot of things could move off the internal HD. So now I'm up to around 15 Gb open space. I can probably create more space than that with some additional, ruthless culling since files are backed up. I'm holding out briefly to see if I actually work with the files I've left on board.

Herself is happy with here desktop PC back from the PC doctor, functional again. Her only stir being she though she'd saved some files onto Venerable Old Laptop instead of onto the external USB drive I'd set up for her use. This proved not to be the case, rather an instance of saving the files to a different directory than she'd intended. Now that she knows where they are, she's happy.

There's still a bit of follow-up I need to do for her, to see if she saved locally an application she downloads, or simply installed it. If she installed it, then she's going to have to revisit the source website and do so again. Oh for the days of DOS, when one could very easily copy a program from one PC to another simply by (compressing if necessary first) copying the directory the application lived in...

Enough of that. Time to head out and check on the Ranch, later today another supply run and Laundry. Joy.