July 14th, 2008



I forgot to mention, as part of my post on reading and the Box of Books from Elder Sister's house, that Hunters of Dune by Brian Herbert (son of Frank Herbert) & Kevin J. Anderson was in the box as well. Against my better judgement, I read it. Alas, I was not disappointed.

I loved Dune. I experienced mild disappointment with Dune Messiah, then felt that perhaps it provided an acceptable bridge to Children of Dune. Acceptable. After Children of Dune I think the story arc should of stopped.

That, however, is merely my humble opinion. YMMV.

I Should LIke To Say

Happy Bastile Day.

Actually, I meant to do this earlier this morning. I got reminded by someone. Thank you.

Remember, when you pull the pin, Mr. Guillotine is no longer your friend.
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