July 17th, 2008


Hippie Birdbaths!

Hippie Birdbaths to a fellow shutterbug, paparatti! May the coming year be filled with wonderful light (not necessarily bright light, either, just yanno, wonder-full).

And for you (will admit to editing to add, as this Just Arrived from another friend of mine), as a present... A particularly interesting essay, visual and text, on a subject in which we both hold an interest.

Music Meme

Lifted from several places now...

That Music Meme
Go to musicoutfitters.com
- Search on the year you graduated from high school and get the list of 100 most popular songs of that year
- Bold the songs you like
- Italicize the songs you liked then, but don't now
- Strike through the ones you hate
- Underline your favorites.
- Do nothing to the ones you don't remember or feel neutral about.

I do recall correctly that I did this one before. Results are Here, because they didn't change much over time.
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Not sure if I'll show up on LJ tomorrow; I am taking the day off work because Saturday will be some more training classes, though that's for a one-off project. Do you think I should tell Houdini that BossStaysHomeDays are going to be weird again? Or let him find out on his own?

That is all.