July 28th, 2008


Weekend Estivation

Much time spent with Houdini. While Smudge and Squrrl did not go lacking, there is a greater bond between Houdini and I.

Saturday, though, he did not get to ride in Forrest Pickup. The feed run being already done by Herself on Friday, Saturday's errand was to the teaming metropolis of Newberry and Newberry Cold Storage, our butcher. There I picked up 85 some pounds (37 kg) of Goat in the form of chops, stew meat, two sides of ribs, and Goatburger. Also paused on that trip (the frozen goat being in a cooler) to purchase more 30.06 & 7mm ammunition. Which led to another sign regarding our economy; ammunition prices are double what I paid last time I purchased.

Now, the flip side of that is two parts. Part the first we use what we purchase quite economically (i.e. 1 bullet = 1 freezerfill, as it were), and part the second we do not use what we purchase with high frequency. Still, double.

After stowing the goods in the freezer, and the ammunition in the locker, I set about looking for something in the Home Office. There are three 'offices' on Teh Ranch; one in Studio 318, and two in the Big House. All of these are located in rooms which the 'official' floorplans would probably call bedrooms. We're also looking at streamlining the setup so as to turn her office back into a bedroom.

Anyway, I spent time looking for some more CE records (related to my professional status), which resulted in cleaning up about 2/3 to 3/4 of the office. There's more to go, and still this puts us into a good reach of that revision setup for Herself. The room she's using... well let's look at this slightly differently. When we got the Big House, we specified the setup for the room we call the Office differently from the standard. It's got a 20 amp electrical circuit (usual is 15 amp) and several additional electrical outlets. So it will quite easily accommodate two PC's plus ancillary equipment as an office.

Saturday afternoon, while working in the Office, Houdini did hang out with me. Likewise on Sunday morning, after rounds, we spent together in Studio 318. I needed to remove a shelf unit I'd built ... quite some time ago, as while it still provided servicable shelving, it also interfered with the functioning of the structure as a photo studio, rather than a domicile. herself will be using portions of the shelving in her portable Carmenetta's Cottage store. I am now able to obtain better light control through the windows that the shelving surrounded.

Houdini got to spend time with me, and inside away from The Big Thunder as well. So everybody seems happy with those outcomes.

The only thing I didn't accomplish for the time was getting the new studio backdrop washed. It's a 3.5 m x 4.5 m (12' by 15') cotton canvas painters dropcloth, and I'm intending to either dye or paint it to a grey colour. I already use one, which is that off-white natural cotton colour and which I intend to leave that colour. Didn't wash it, however, because I'd forgotten that the 'heavy duty' washers at the laundromat require $4 US and hadn't brought enough money with me when I went to do the laundry. Clothing for the work week is required. Washing the backdrop is optional.

Thus concludes Part One of the Weekend Estivation.