August 7th, 2008

Got Oxygen?


Woke up from dream state sleep when the alarm went off. Do not remember any details from this dream, which is a more normal state of affairs for self. Do, however, still and will for a bit yet feel very groggy, also a normal state of affairs for self when woken from dream state sleep. Rgggnmph? with this.

Coffee helps, so may well go get some more.

Herself much appreciated her Hippie Birdbaths pressie, Season 1 (I believe called Series 1 for my other parts of the world friends) of The Tudors on DVD. This is on Showtime via Sky TV, and while the presentation of the history of HRH Henry VIII of England may be moving through a great deal of poetic/dramatic license, the settings, garb, and other aspects of the production appear to be spot-on examples of historical accuracy.

We enjoyed short ribs for dinner. Mmmmmm, Wellington.

Yes, I believe more coffee is in my near future.

A Bit of History

This may not matter to everyone who reads me, which is why most of it is a link. I may come back later and post behind a cut the text of the article, because it does mean something to me. I'm an amateur historian, in the truest sense of the word. I study history because I love it, and I indulge myself in primarily reading those aspects to which I feel the greatest attraction.

And a bit of history now becomes even more history rather than living.

That link should open a new window or tab, depending on your browser.

I read the book, and I've now read a few other things about this episode in history. In this instance, I read the book after seeing the movie, so I can agree that there is a great deal of dramatic license in the cinematic production. It's hard for me to determine which I think is the more powerful, book or cinema, because both of them present the story well. Still, I hear, and understand, what someone who survived the actual event says about the cinema.

There's always that issue, when converting/creating something real or imagined, first into words on paper, then into images on film, which parts to include. Which parts to keep, because they make a great story, which parts to leave behind because they don't contribute to art.

And now, one more connection to the reality passes beyond the pale. One more step closer to the written word, the moving image, being the only representation of reality.

And so it goes.

Between The Lines

Between doing odds and ends here in the office, my motivation to be here today also led me to look through the Google Mail folder where they put the filterd spam. Mind you, I think G-mail does a pretty good job of filtering spam. I'm not sure why they save it for me (and you if you use G-mail). Well, OK, I do know, it's in case something gets filtered that's from someone Real, eh?

At any rate, I enjoy doing this periodically. G-mail shows the subject line in bold, and a bit of the message (first line). Now, I filter on those make mine bigger things too. I'm quite happy with the size of mine, and it's probably more than you needed to know that I've... well if it's more than you needed to know why am I writing it? Anyway. Amusement. I haz it, YMMV.

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We now return you to your otherwise fruitful day.
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