August 9th, 2008

harrison ford

Home, Home on Teh Ranch

Herself did the feed run yesterday, she told me when I called to check in that I left Hospital. As it turned out we passed each other in Archer. Twice. I saw Forrest NissanPickup at the feed store as I went past. I stopped at the Post Awful to check the box, and she was in our road, stopped and unloading the horse feed when I pulled onto teh Ranch. So no feed run today. Houdini was disappointed.

Instead, after making morning rounds, we loaded up Forrest NissanPickup with a lot of paper and plastic for recycling and a bit of the trash ready to go, and headed off to the County Dump did Houdini and I. Trash cost us $1.50, recycling is free. I swear Houdini gets quite concerned when we're there. Probably because that's also where the County Animal Control Shelter is. I reassure him he is coming home with me.

We ran into Archer to check the Post Awful after the Dump, because Popper Aussie Ot-tar said he expected a package. It arrived. All the ot-tarz are over in Studio 318 just now and I don't want to know what's happening. So I'm continuing to clear out the Home Office in the Big House, preparation for moving Herself's workstation in here from the other room.