August 16th, 2008

Got Oxygen?

The Eyes Have It

Or will have, after we pick up the new eyeglasses today. We took a look at this month being a three-paycheck month, and what we need, and decided new eyeglasses are the primary thing. It's been two years since we got new ones made. Our exam last year indicated neither of our prescriptions changed sufficiently to require new lenses.

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Thus, with the first paycheck of the month covering all but the cell phone bill (and some grocery shopping), and the second paycheck of the month covering the cell bill and new eyeglasses (and some grocery shopping), and various denizens of Teh Ranch covering some of the grocery shopping, we headed home after the eye exams and such and enjoyed a pleasant dinner of beef short ribs over rice and mixed veggies with 'shrooms.

Not exactly a romantic date, I know, but Herself seems happy about it.