September 2nd, 2008


Not Complaining

No, really, I'm not complaining.

Two nights in a row now, Houdini has done let himself off his line, and after whatever he's done between that and waking me up, come to House and woke me up. I know he's done something, because he's panting like crazy until he cools off.

Not sure what it was last night. We did find canid tracks in sand yesterday morning, and said tracks indicate said canid was beating a hasty retreat from teh Ranch. Said tracks also too small to be Huodini's. All the Bros have fairly good sized paws. Was still dark when I left this morning for Hospital, so Houdini stayed in the House with Herself. Who will check for other signs when it's light. She did tell me all the goats are apparently OK, since she went out to check things when Hairy Houdini woke us up.

How does he do that?