September 13th, 2008

Houdini & I

A Day

Started the day off right here on LJ, morning coffee time and keeping up with posts from my Tx Folk. At this point everyone I know has checked in one way or another and all are alive. Not all residences are undamaged, degree varies. Power is out, water pressure out, not sure totally about land-line phones vs. cell service. About what one should expect following most any tropical storm, much less one with the size and punch of Ike.

I am glad and relieved all are alive. The rest can be worked out.

Thanks for all the happy returns from everyone; been thanking individually too. All except one batch... *G* but those guys got some time individually this morning so we're good. And I'm revisiting this entry to send along Hippie Birdbaths to thatwordgrrl's Himself, I am. That would be western_slope for that matter, and I wander through those parts every now and then for a read.

Herself & I with the Bros (well, 2 of 3; Smudge stayed with the Dirty Yard Birds, Squrrl & Houdini came with us) disbursed the feed supplies and filled the various troughs. One youngster buckling goat not feeling well. Still up on his feet and feeling feisty but not feeling well. So we pulled him and a doeling from the same age bracket out and moved them to the Maternity Pen, now temporarily redesignated Hospital.

Herself dosed young buckling up with some de-wormer and we're keeping an eye on him. Some of it may be, actually, his attitude. He's still feeling feisty, and there's an adult doe or two out there 'entertaining gentlemen callers'. Which, if youngster buckling here decided he was up to that, he's gotten a bit thumped about by the older bucks. One of the reasons we pulled him out.

Squrrl and Houdini both rode with me in the back of Forrest while distributing and disbursing feed. Houdini didn't want to share the water trough with his brother, I spoke with him about that. Squrrl got his drink of water after that. Then we moved a box fan from Herself's Sewing Cottage over to Studio 318 to help move air about, since no we still haven't gotten the heat pump serviced. This just before we moved young buckling.

Then Houdini got back into the water trough, and tipped it over getting out. So I rinsed it out of the accumulated sand, whichled to a game of Hose, and now everyone out there is taking a nap.
Houdini & I

Writer's Block: Scooby-Doo's Birthday

On September 13th in 1969, Scooby-Doo first premiered on television. What are your favorite personal Scooby-snacks? Have you involved your dog in a crazy adventure?

I don't have any favorite Scooby-snacks. I do think it's pretty cool Scooby and I share a birthday. *G*

And I think it's fair to say I've involved several of my dogs in crazy adventures.