September 20th, 2008

Houdini & I

Well How About That.

With myself off to Hospital to work, and Herself off to a school on the other side of Ocala for an SCA demo, it would appear that the Border Collie Bros let themselves into the Internet Place and... ran amok. I've been aware for years that if one doesn't find something for a Border Collie to do, the Border Collie will find something to do.

I should never have given that eyepatch to Squrrl. ::shakes head::

At any rate, another Talk Like A Pirate Day successfully survived. It's OK, Bros, nobodies house burned down, no livestock are missing, some lass' and wenches may of been chased about a bit, but there's no sheriff's deputy waiting for me outside this morning.

I do wonder where all those empty rum bottles came from, though, as we don't keep that much rum about the place...