October 20th, 2008


Southern Ladies

They are exemplars of polite. I realise I need not explain this to the Southern Ladies who are on my reading list, but perhaps to some of the other folk. Politeness, you see, is a Southern Thing. One does not, can not live here for any length of time and not learn this. Even one such as myself, born and raised above the Mason-Dixon will learn this. Oh, there are a few who may not, and they are known as Those Damn Yankees. Doesn't matter, in fact, if one comes from Out West or even some other country all together. Don't learn Polite, y'all are Damn Yankees.

Now, do not confuse Polite with non-threatening. If one should commit a mortal offense upon a Southern Lady, she will continue to be exquisitely polite even as she stabs the offender to death or shoots them down dead. This is, in fact, the trait I'm discussing this morning. Because our next door neighbor, Ms. Peggy, is a Southern Lady. Some about here become confused about this because Ms. Peggy is also a Hippie, dyed in the wool and unrepentant. Again, the Southern Ladies on my list will see no contradiction in this, simply because Southern Ladies may also be quite iron-willed and unmovable. Politely unmovable, to be sure.

There's been a lot of this going on, reports in the news so it's not only a local phenomenon. People put up their campaign support signs for their candidates of choice, someone else comes along and defaces, destroys, or removes them altogether. This is not restricted to any one political party either. I'm not saying the political candidates themselves support these actions, only that they are happening.

And Ms. Peggy put up her sign supporting the candidate of her choice.

You'll notice no doubt that I'm not mentioning candidates by name. That truly is not the most significant aspect of this story. I've said I don't talk politics, but this year proved me wrong on too many occasions so now I say I won't discuss politics. Even this isn't really a political thing, because as mentioned the reports are not restricting this vandalism to any one party. It is happening.

I suppose, really, it always does to some extent.

At any rate, Ms. Peggy put her sign up, and then it disappeared. So she put up another sign, home made, in the same place. Being home made, it is actually a lot more prominent than the original, which came from candidate headquarters.

Outbound on our road, one reads:
Where Is Our Sign?

Inbound, one reads:
Are [candidate] Supporters Thieves?

Put the two together, and, well, whoever took Ms. Peggy's sign would of done their candidate a bigger favour by leaving it alone.