November 9th, 2008

harrison ford

Teh Ranch

Just back from morning Feed the Kids and general Ranch rounds. Maybe some pics later. Have other errands to run today, but could take laptop with me to work on something.

Herself ordered up some more Purina Kid Milk Replacer from one of the two feed stores we use. The one we prefer doesn't carry this; we've asked. So we got to Store #2. They were out on Thursday, were supposed to get more in on Friday, didn't come so they were going to bring over some from their other store. When Herself called on Saturday the phone response was 'Not here, Monday'. WTF? We've noted over time, using this, that the Purina product is noticeably better. At least, we know the kids themselves prefer it, being less likely to feed when we use a substitute (like, say, when Feed Store runs out and...). We've also noted better growth with the Purina, but yanno that could be due to the kids not consuming so much of the other stuff too.

At any rate, she drove over late afternoon (doing a bit of grocery shopping for ourselves on the same trip), where an Eyeball Exam found the two buckets in the office, with Herself's name on them. Only, the name was on the bottom bucket in the stack, so not visible... again, WTF?

However, the kids are happy this morning. Yesterday's temps here dropped into the Less Than 10C (high 40's F) overnight. Chilly, hungry kids this morning.

Now time for our breakfast. Salmon and fried eggs!