November 17th, 2008


Things I've Read This Year

Well, let's see.

First, no it isn't a meme. Just, hey, like a lot of other folk on LJ I read a lot. And some of the folk I read occasionally post what they've been reading.

An assortment of books which came from Oldest Sister's home. In fact, the book I'm reading currently came out of this box. Mercedes Lackey provided two of these, and no I can't recall the titles or the whatevers exactly. Makes me a great reviewer, neh? I'm making this post simply because I'm somewhat irked at myself for having it on the to-do list so long.

Oh, I did enjoy the Mercedes Lackey books. One was an anthology of short stories. Ah... Fiddler's Fair may be the title of the other... or one of those stories... like I said, great reviewer, eh?

Jim Butcher, of course, since I picked up his newest Dresden back in April, while visiting the San Diego Mob. *G* Great visit, and great book. Overall on the Dresden series, they've been getting better with each one so far. OK.

Also from the San Diego trip, World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide. Much fun. Well written. Spooky.

I also read Sean Astin's auto-biography There and Back Again: An Actor’s Tale (co written by Joe Layden) which ... hm. OK, the cover blurb touted it as his experiences playing the role of Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings. It covers that, and more, basically leading up to that role, playing the role, and his other aspirations. He is also a film director and producer and claims those aspirations as more significant to him than his acting. This book didn't come out of the box from Older Sisters home; I purchased it off the price reduced stand in the Campus Bookstore.

I found the tale entertaining. I also found it to lead myself to a lot of 'Meh' reactions, as to how tough his life is and how people don't understand the big dollar figures actors receive for their work really isn't theirs because they need to hire so many other people...


Suffice it to say, I did enjoy the parts involving the production of Lord of the Rings, as well as other things revolving around that (his filming the short feature The Long and Short of It. I'm also rather glad I purchased it price reduced. I'd of been disappointed if I'd paid the full price.

Another book which did come out of the Box is Jimmy Buffetts A Pirate Looks at Fifty, another autobiography. Some of my regular readers already know I consider myself a Parrothead, though not an extreme Parrothead. I enjoyed Buffetts other book, Where is Joe Merchant which involved travel in exotic locations by amphibious aircraft. So does this book, plus a lot more. I found I read it in short bursts, and felt very comfortable with that. If one likes Jimmy Buffett, one should enjoy this work as well.

More later.