November 18th, 2008


Today's The Day

Today LJ plans to move the servers to a new site. Actually, I expect all the hardware is already in place, and what remains is the move and installation of the database and the software. Either way, LJ will not be available for quite some time today, starting at various hours of the day depending on ones time zone.

For me, this means most of the afternoon, possibly into the evening. Mostly, therefor, the Great Planned Live Journal Downtime (as opposed to, say, Un-Planned) won't eat too much into my enjoyment time. I've a class to teach in the early afternoon, followed by a dentist appointment, and I don't often get on line from teh Ranch during weekdays after work anymore.

So I suppose I'll be about for a bit this morning, then may sign off about 11-ish local time, just to be signed out.