November 21st, 2008


Where Is Brain?

Feeling quite dissociated today.

Did not sleep well night before last. First off, to bed late from doing work at home for Hospital. Then awakened around 03:30 by the Bros sounding off, realising as I regained consciousness that way more voices than should be were sounding off out there, and dashed out to make sure Coyote got the message. Too expensive to shop at teh Ranch.

Before you ask, everything fine. Coyote were near-by. Most probably on Miss Peggy's place, and they shut up as soon as the Bros did (when I came out the door), and all our livestock were still bedded down, calm, cool, collected.

Staffing yesterday, not bad but still tiring.

Odd trains of thought at points all week. Discussed this with a couple other folk, in off LJ conversations but on-line. Might lead to a posting. Maybe.

Feeling rather distracted and un-productive in certain veins this entire year. Even with things being accomplished. Part of that odd trains of thought thing above, as well.

I suppose, looking to the side of choice, the good thing is I'm not bored...

I am tired. Even after more caffeine. And hungry.