November 23rd, 2008


Weekend... Ahhhhhhh

Pleasant so far. Very chilly yesterday morning, but not frigid. Went out to feed the Ravenous Herd of Six, with Houdini's company, and went ahead to feed all the stock while I was out there. Brisk breeze from the north brought a good chill factor. Temp was just under 10 C when we went out, felt about half that.

Afternoon, Herself and I disappointed Houdini by not taking him with us to run some errands. Such is life. However, we did drop off some supplies for the Shire Amurgorod to use in constructing their Holiday Parade float, then talk with one of the Shire members who works on HAC units. He's going to come by this week to check the heat pump on Studio 318 which is non-functional at the moment. Also to do preventive maintenance on the heat/air conditioning unit (not a heat pump) on the Big House. Then we swung by Sam's Club to purchase supplies for the House. Coffee is laid in (yea!), plus several other staples.

Pizza for dinner last night. Yes!

Rounds this morning with the three of us (Herself, Myself, Houdiniself), and at the end of it we moved two more wayward adolescent doelings into the Pen for Wayward Adolescents. Too young to be getting pregnant, eh? Teenagers. What you gonna do? If they're goats, pen them up. If they continue to misbehave to severely, shoot 'em and eat 'em.

Now a bit of relax time, then more errands to do. Pleasant enough, even if I'll wind up not getting to do some things wanting doing.