November 27th, 2008

Houdini & I


Off of work early yesterday, Boss came into the office around 13:00 (an Early Warning about this did get an alert...) to see if we were done with our work for the day. According to Boss, the answer proved Yes across the board. So, we packed up and left.

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Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. A Yank holiday. Hospital gives us the Friday after as a holiday as well, so it's a long weekend. Time to catch up on those things detailed above. Today, as well, time to reflect and be thankful for:

Herself, teh Home Fuzzies, teh Ranch, our home.
Gainful employment, and recent sales from the Ranch
Friends, local and far, seen, spoken, corresponded.
Health. (Last year at this time I knew I'd be a patient at Hospital, divesting myself of Mr. Stone.)

May you also find good things to be thankful for today and all days.

Mmmmm Mmmmm Mm!

Turkey Breast, a la Herself as freely transcribed by Himself.

Take approx 7 Lb (3 Kg) turkey breast. Thaw (if frozen). Coat with mixture of ground black pepper, papprika, and onion powder. Stuff the cavity with cranberries (fresh if available, canned acceptible), place in clean bucket. Pour over breast cranberry liquour (made at home preferably, mixture of vodka and cranberry juice), seal lid, place in refrigerator to marinade 24 hours.

Remove from bucket, pour out cranberries. Place turkey breast on rotisserie spit, and cook in rotisserie for 10 minutes per pound (approx. 22 minutes / Kg) until done. Temperature? Hm, that's a tougher one. I'm not sure our little rotisserie has a temperature control. It's a separate oven unto itself. Herself says, conventional oven 300F / 150C but still, until done. Baste with marinade cranberry liquour.

Oh. My. God.

Oh... Cranberry Liquour.
Fresh berries approx .5 Kg / 1 Lb. (Whole canned, cooked cranberries may be substitued if fresh absolutely not available)
500 Ml cranberry juice (The Good Stuff, undiluted & pure)
500 Ml 80 proof Vodka

Place in sealed jar, shake 1x daily for 10 days
Pour into saucepot (3 L or 3 Qt), place on stove on medium - medium high heat. Add something between 4 cups to 12 cups sugar, depending on taste for sweetness. Dissolve all sugar into liquid. Let cool. Bottle. Seal. Save for when you reeeaaally reeeaaally want it.