November 29th, 2008


Made Some New Icons

A few, anyway. One for use when I'm feeling particularly strange. Another for use when I want to catch up with folks who've wandered into my LJ and stayed a while. One which might replace another, and so far the keywords have done so. However, the first one is still there, now with an LJ assigned name. Hmm.

Two which are kanji. Because the particular characters are significant to me for one reason or another. This one, for instance is (depending on the reading or reader) Ryuu or Tatsu. Either way, Dragon.

Got to go feed the kids.
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Devious Journal Entry

A bit back, I mentioned starting to be involved with the Deviant Art website. Progress is slow, but steady. I doubt I'll give up Flickr, but I think it will be easier to make sales through DA. We'll see, I won't claim I'm that far along yet. Speedy learner, I am.

Put up an image today. Confirming the suspicion that doing any DA maintenance will be much more pleasant on a higher speed connection than Classic Old Rural North Central Baja Jorja dial-up.
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For those who may be relative newcomers, I do occasionally filter my photographic art posts because of one subject matter. I've not labeled my blog as being 'Mature Content' in part because of this filter; one must be a member of LJ, and on my FList to be on it. If you are not offended by images of the unclothed human form, and think you're not on the filter, let me know.