December 6th, 2008

Houdini & I

End of Week

Out of Hospital a bit early yesterday to make sure I got by the bank on the way home. Needed to cash a check for Herself, who is doing Feast for St. Benet's (a Barony An Crosaire event, and next weekend). Stopped for a few groceries on the way home as well, though apparently I missed picking up more creamer. We do have enough to get through the weekend.

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So, I'll work on photos otherwise, here to the Ranch. Oh, also probably play with more playlists. Put together two over the past couple days, Waltz-able (all pieces with 3/4 time tempo, therefor waltz-able, or some multiple of 3/4 time which is, also, waltz-able), and Walkin'Tunes to provide nice music with a good walking beat. Not marches, per se, but good walking beats.

Houdini is hanging with me in the House.