December 11th, 2008



I like to listen to NPR on the drive in; it's one of my news sources, and overlaps depending on the time I actually leave teh Ranch with Morning Classics for some 'classical' music. Classical is a term used to describe a very wide category, only a narrow portion of which is considered 'Classical' by musicologists. That, however, is not the point of this wee diatribe.

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Well, that's that on that.

The past few evenings I've managed to haul out the laptop after work to either select photos to process, complete or experiment with said processing, or start prepping some manuscripts for posting to LJ. I suppose I could of started that latter item back in November. I did mention the manuscripts, specifically that I opted not to post them because a number of people I should like to read them (Feedback, People, Feedback!) would be busy with NaNoWriMo. Could of started working on them, and posting my progress along with the lot of you. Instead of a word count, I'd be posting 'Hooray, replaced 20 formatting codes with their HTML equivalents today'.

Herself is prepping for making Feast at St. Benet's this weekend. St. Benet's itself is occurring nearly a month early, because this year the autocrat wants to make it a day-long event. Rather a change. I am thinking I shall stay on Ranch Watch rather than attend, as this would afford more opportunity to prep photos and such, after feeding everyone.