December 13th, 2008


Hippie Birdbaths!

Today is aineotter's Hippie Birdbath! ::BounceBounceBounce:: So even though because of that really cool Hippie Birdbath Gift you mentioned a few days ago means you might not actually see this today?

Hippie Birdbath!

Because I said I would. *G*

Oh, and don't get too cold, and travel safely.
Houdini & I

Busy Day

Up early. Well, not like on a work day, managed to get an extra hour in before Mean Ole Mary Kitty made it clear that Breakfast is Late. Coffee. Oh yes, coffee. Mix the kid milk, head out by 08:15 because someone is coming over to purchase a goat. He arrives just as I get to the paddock. Feed the kids first, put some down for the Big Herd, then in the Buck Pen, feed down, goat out. $60 thank you very much.

Help Herself get ready to go feed the multitudes (at least 60 people) at St. Benet, local Barony An Crosaire event. I'm safe, even if I don't go, they can neither blame the year on me nor make me next year's autocrat. I'm not a member. Just a bit of history.

Vacuum two rooms after Herself is off on the first run over. Take the last batch of bread (the gluten-free) out of the oven. Check through photos. Help Herself load up the second round, then shoo her off. Somewhere in there, part of helping Herself was taking care of things here while she went on a brief feed run to tide the Cows and Goats over past Monday. They're happy. Houdini's happy. I'm happy.

More checking of photos and visiting sites, making some comments this time on other work. Sharing the office with a warm black and white fuzzy. Finish that up, prep the Herd of 6's evening drink. Oh, yes, the MegaNanny Bucket'ONipples is very helpful feeding them. Then the Horses get Hay, the oCows get Cubes, and the Border Collie Bros get kibble with sausage and Pizza Bones! Yay!

Now to go warm up my chicken podvarak. That way, I'll be sharing a bit still in the Feast of St. Benet.

Good day.