December 20th, 2008


Just Schtuph

Stopped on the way home yesterday to do some grocery shopping. Probably a bit early but picked up dog and cat kibble as part of the stop. Worst thing doing that is, I don't have to stop Monday. Herself left Forrest NissanPickup out by the goat feed barrels, I observed as I pulled onto teh Ranch, so that meant first thing out this morning, stow the feed.

Indeed, that is what we did. Herself went ahead to feed the Herd of 6 their morning milk, while I started pouring feed from 50 pound bags into the barrels. Then we served up the goats portion, and while Herself finalised that (the Young Buck pen) I fed teh Horses.

Houdini and I rode in the back of Forrest over to unload feed for Cows. Then back again, to feed the hogs. Soon, piggies, soon. Then up to the House. Herself fed the Dirty Yardbirds while I got started on Cheesy Piggie for this evenings festivities at S & K's place. Browned the sausage while the salsa started to warm in the crock pot, added sausage to that and followed with the Velveeta(R). That's it. Cheesy Piggie. 1 part to 1 part to 1 part.

Of course, the instructions are a bit more involved. 1st, Raise the Hog. 2nd, Know your Butcher, have them make the Sausage... you start to get the idea.

Houdini seemed a bit confused, because Herself wasn't working the Kitchen. However, he did not complain about cleaning off the Velveeta(R) wrapper.

Shortly now we shall go for a brief ride to fill the tank in Sydney SubaruOutback. Could of done last night on the way home except the petrol station is always crowded that time of day. Be easier to do today. Besides, Houdini gets a ride that way. Maybe also Smudge or Squrrl, except we've got that kibble in the way-back and some big boxes still in the back seat.

Oh, and record high hits on my Flickr-stream, much of which I attribute to you folks dropping by after viewing CanHazChocolate kitty. Who is, in case you didn't know already, 1of4 KitnzOfApocalypse.

I believe I'll be taking that box of chocolates to the party tonight, also.
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