December 22nd, 2008


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Quite a full weekend, actually.

We received a phone call from the Dispatcher for County Sheriff on Saturday, about a black cow out on the highway nearby. Went out, counted heads (10, all present), and Houdini & I walked the fenceline (no holes or down stretches). Ergo, not our cow. I did drive the highway a short stretch, as the phone call implied the cow might not stay where she'd been chased off the road, the fence in that spot being broken.

No cow.

Then last night, right on about 21:45 another call from the Dispatcher for County Sheriff this time about a white bull, from the call fairly near where the previous sighting took place. Went out, head count (10, all present). Called Dispatcher back on both occasions to let them know there are no Unauthorised Absent Bovines from our herd. This is more important than it sounds, as those Dispatch logs may be subpoenaed for any case involving Bovine Vs. Automotive Vehicle, and even if the bovine wasn't owned by ourselves if there's no record of our responding to the call, could be dragged into the fracas as a consequence.

Solstice party on Saturday, saw all manner of friends and some whom I haven't seen in quite some time. Brought the Huge Whitman Sampler gift from Secret Santa. Skippy apparently thought I'd 'photoshopped' it into that photograph... or at least that's what I understand from comments in passing. Plus a visit on Sunday morning with a delivery of silicone chips in an array, and a hand-off of some goat and goat skulls.

Added some more to the Cheesy Piggie batch for another party on Sunday evening, however it seems the actual date got confused and that party took place on Friday evening. We missed it.

But there's plenty of Cheesy Piggie. Squrrl particularly seems to approve, since I drizzled some on their kibbles dinner Sunday.

A few other things, mostly kind of preparatory either for projects here or for posting various places. Some images I'll probably upload here as well, since the other sites I'm putting them on require specific membership. Still, progress overall. And a good time, right around the Solstice.

That, particularly, means a lot to me.