December 30th, 2008

Houdini & I


Verified yesterday, yes that is Goering's where the Intarwebz says it is. Asked the nice young lady staffing the counter when they moved, she said they didn't actually, the store had the two locations. The one in the plaza at 34th & University came up for lease renewal and the decision was, not. Since this other location is only one block away from the University, things got consolidated here. Sort of just like Harmon's Photo consolidated (from the same plaza, mind you, curious, what?) into their Flair Lab location.

For those of you familiar with Hoggetowne and Goering's, it is located where BagelLand used to be, a long time ago in a galaxy only so far as Hoggetowne.

I did not find one of the books I went looking for, but did leave with two books. I mean come on, not just Bookstore, but Goering's Bookstore! Anyway, one of the books is in my bag here at work. I'm surprised a bit I'm not looking at it now, only a bit though. This one could be hard to describe as work-related. I could make the argument about that as it concerns itself with self-image. This is something I've been noodling about for a while, exploring in various manners. Only, haven't done as much actual work yet as noodling.