January 14th, 2009


What, You Say?

Worked on some photos yesterday evening, while watching Tube. Primarily things from the weekend, but also trying to build another icon. Latter didn't work quite so well. Former did, in the sense that the first step of post-processing is done.

D70s has some dust on the sensor; at least I'm thinking it's dust. I get dark spots, slightly fuzzy ones. Dropped pixels, when sections of the sensor start to die, usually show up a 'white' or 'black' spots, and not particularly fuzzy. Or so I'm told. So I'm watching the web site for my favourite camera store (favourite because it is Local, there are others which are also favourites but not quite so local) for their 'Nikon Days' whence I shall take in the D70s & get it checked out, and possibly the sensor cleaned.

Failing that, I've been reading up on how to clean it myself.

Still a wee bit of work to do on some of those images, final crop, sign, then post.

I've decided I do not like Wednesday. Wednesday is become the Day of Meetings Marathon. Blech.