January 15th, 2009

Houdini & I

Chilly Here

Headed out yesterday from work, not early but early enough to stop on the way home and purchase two more bales of straw. Herself called, she'd thought she got enough but turned out what she purchased (along with some feed hay) only served for the goats in the Goat Paddock. We still needed to provide bedding for the goats in Hospital Pen (or, Pen for Wayward Adolescent Does), the DirtyYardBirds, and of course the Bros.

Squrrl and Smudge pretty much immediately dashed into their dens and checked out the straw; Smudge, in fact, got in right after the first flat and before I could finish bedding down the whole den. Houdini was not so interested yesterday evening.

This morning, however, with the temp outside teh House being right there at -1C/30F, Houdini simply stuck his nose outside his den to wish me a good day as I left. Squrrl, on the other hand, was laying down outside his den. Head up, he watched over towards our neighbor's piece, an area where we know Coyote uses as a thoroughfare. Despite having a nice, warm, freshly strawed den.

Now I'm not claiming our temperatures are near as bad as further north. They are cold for our part of Baja Jorja. And this time we'll be experiencing such temps for three or four days. We get this kind of weather here, two or three times a winter. Yes, here in North Central Baja Jorja we do experience freezing temperatures, folks.