January 16th, 2009

Houdini & I

Chilly, Not Chili.

Once again here in North Central Baja Jorja the temperatures dropped to the freezing point of water. The good news is, some overcast rolled in before sundown and stayed around, so the temperature didn't drop quite as far as originally forecast. More good news is, each of the Bros says they like straw beds in dens. And all the other critters are doing fine, even given the cold.

Now, we're not so bad. I've got family living someplace where the temperatures are now so cold it no longer matters which temperature scale one uses to measure it, C or F. I've got a couple branches of family in such places, including those places where the wonderful euphemism 'Lake Effect Snow' means they're quite well buried. And other friends who probably feel like they're thawing out after experiencing those same bizarrely record low temperatures and where they've experienced an 80 degree difference (F) in just a few days.

Today other friends are traveling to join some more friends at a wedding. Safe journeys to them. May the wedding come off without a hitch... oops, that may not be the best way to phrase good wishes, eh?
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