February 1st, 2009

Shiroi Okami

Hoggetowne Faire

Last weekend first update. Sticky Dollar Day went OK for Herself, a few sales but about as expected. The rain overnight did make things wet, not as wet as we've ever seen the site by a long shot though. During the day on Friday, with both of us gone, one of the goatmommas died. Not sure why. We've snatched her kids and are bottle-feeding.

This meant I needed to get that done as well as the usual round before heading in to Faire. They did OK. Made it to site by 11:00.

meb21 stopped by the booth to meet face-to-face for the first time and visit a bit. Fun visit, always like meeting the folks from LJ when possible. Plus, it proved very interesting to catch a clue about how big a draw this event became over the 22 or 23 years it's been running. I've lost count. It brings people in who are willing to drive 2 - 4 hours for a day.

More feeding to do this morning, then off to Faire. There's a couple other items on the list with feeding, prepping for tomorrow and a forecast of rain and shelter for the goatmommas. It's also Sunday, and our experience with Sundays and Faire is that the crowd won't begin growing until shortly after noon, even though Gate opens at 10:00.

Still, off to work now.