February 28th, 2009


Ranch Watch

This weekend, the Barony of An Crosaire invests a new Baron & Baroness. Herself is attending. I could, I suppose, yet there is so much else I rather should do.

Hence, Ranch Watch. Morning rounds, feed distributed, everyone checked. Houdini and I then ran into Archer for hay and short supplies, enough to weigh down a couple barrels if the winds pick up. They could, based on the weather reports. Now, catching up with things about the house. Laundry. Dishes. Objects for Studio, plans thereof and therefor. Continuing to sort and catalog photographs, spending some time working on more from the St. Valentines Day Shoot.

I like saying it that way.

The Otters are up to a couple things, I'm sure. Popper seems to be behind the entire fracas. Keeping an eye on that mob, to be sure.

Art Related Kinds Of Things

Back in January or so of 2004, I saw a photograph by a (now) friend of mine, Zoe Wiseman. I'd link to that photo for you but it's on a site that requires membership: Community Zoe, a site dedicated to Fine Art Nudes. As mentioned, one needs to register for access, and the subject matter may not be one you're interested in. Zoe started as a model, and now is a photographer. The particular photo is a self-portrait where she's wearing a mask. The specific mask was one of the properties in Stanley Kubrick's last movie, Eyes Wide Shut. Someone involved in the production made the present of that mask to Zoe, someone she'd worked with on other projects in a long career in Art.

It sparked an interest in me; at the time I was about three years (with a gap) into the project I call Healing Art, related to breast cancer, and I was heading out to Zoe's neck of the woods to attend AORN Congress. So I contacted her, explained what she'd inspired about using a mask in some of that work, and inquired if she would be available when. Worst thing, she wouldn't be interested.

Turns out she is interested, we did get together and we did work with a mask. Not the one I describe above, another one, because due to that special gift nature Zoe reserves that mask for personal work.

All of this got me spinning around in my mind about masks. They conceal. They reveal. All of us wear a mask even when we think we are not, because a mask shows you a character. I've since worked with other masks (borrowed), and some of that work involved yet another mask (body-painted). That work led me to start looking around for my own masks to work with.

Two years ago I picked up a couple at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa aka BARF. Add to that some acquired from an art supply store, one quite surreal in the visage it presents and the manner it is used. Very recently I saw another mask which I just flat out fell in love with. I don't usually consider that love is something one falls into, it's something one does. Still, this mask grabbed my attention and would not let go, and so I bought it.

The artist's name is Merimask and she shows her work on Deviant Art under that name, yet sells her work through Etsy. Merimask's shop is here, and this link should show you Kitsune, one of two masks I purchased. Herself took it off to her SCA event this weekend for the Masked Ball, though she's not sure she'll wear it. Wearing eyeglasses is rather difficult in this mask, and they truly don't look right outside of it. She's contemplating contact lenses again because of this mask, though.

Go, admire Merimask's work. Signed, original pieces. Exquisite.

In other art news today, Drops of Crimson E-zine publishes their third issue. Some great pieces on there, including an interview of an author by one salamet. Go. Read. Enjoy.

Meanwhile, back at Teh Ranch it's time to start evening rounds.