March 4th, 2009

Houdini & I

Life on a Karst Formation

Nigh on 13 years ago or so, Herself's brother Pasomthing brought out to teh Ranch two China Spots and a Yorkshire which he called Corky, and Corky a gift to his sister. In a scene which would prove prophetic, he plopped all three young hogs (a sow and two boars) into the same paddock as the goats, which amused the goats not one whit. It took a bit before even a corner of that paddock could be fenced off. It took a bit longer to get started on building individual pens for the hogs, and in fact involved the China Spot boar (called Dale, short name and as a namesake for one of Pasomething's favourite NASCAR drivers...) killing Corky.

Which is only incidental to the remainder of this story. Killing Corky, that is. Not the building of pens and fences.
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