March 9th, 2009


Ah, Moon Day

The Kimono exhibit we went to see yesterday is exquisite. Photography is not allowed in that gallery (is allowed in other galleries, and I'll revisit later), alas. Suffice it to say, I did purchase the book which catalogs the collection (both the kimono displayed and kimono in the collection but not displayed), and in hardback. Because. Yes.

After all, this book, coupled with my book on the Nomura collection, pretty well provides an excellent visual history of 'Thing to Wear' from inception to current time.

Saw something else which truly fascinated me, and I may wind up going back to pick one up.

Buddha Board is an intriguing concept; a plastic board, textured in some manner, the kit includes a brush. Dip the brush in water, and either paint or write on the board. The results of ones work show, yet only so long as the moisture remains. Once the water evaporates, the board returns to the neutral colour it usually shows. Very Zen.

And now, I am tired. I go home now.