March 15th, 2009

Houdini & I

Interesting. Um... Perhaps in teh Chinese Curse Sense

Though I am somewhat thankful to say, not for us personally.

Quiet weekend here on Teh Ranch. We did the usual of making morning rounds on the weekend together. Then Herself adjourned to her Sewing Cottage Studio, and I adjourned to Studio 318 though not to do any photography. Pulled down from the shelves two bolts and one bag of fabric.


Bittersweet memory, with this fabric. The purchase plan is that it will serve as backdrops in Studio. The two bolts are cotton canvas duck, a royal blue colour. One bolt is, IIRC, the full 9 metres/10 yards, or very close to it. The second is 6.9metres/7.5 yards. This means teh full length of the backdrop is determined by the shorter portion, of course. Width of the fabric is 1.5metres/60 inches. When the two portions are sewn together, this will give me (allowing for the seam overlap portion) 3 metres/119.5 inches wide backdrop, so quite wide enough for reclining figures.

Another bit is to be just as it is, a much darker blue, probably a Navy Blue cotton canvas duck, 153 centimetres/60 inches wide, and 4.5 metres/5 yards plus/minus long. This one I intend to use as a backdrop for standing/seated figure work, or other work which fits within the width.

There are some other things that came off the shelf, however, those were purchased on a different trip. The trip that resulted in these fabric purchases, that one I made with chaosloki. So... 2005-ish. Shortly after her diagnosis of breast cancer.

So now, nearly four years later I'm getting on to actually making the backdrops. Yes, procrastination is one of my character traits. Sometimes it is a positive; I procrastinate long enough that a problem takes care of itself. Other times, probably not so much a good thing. Oh well. At any rate, Herself and I played 'building tag' for a bit there, where we crossed paths unseen looking for each other in our respective 'wings' of our 'great treasure house of North Central Baja Jorja'. We started calling it that after watching a programme on PBS TV about the Great Treasure Houses of Britain. We figure, with the old house now Studio 318 around 40 metres/130 feet from teh Big House, and Carmenetta's Cottage (the Sewing Cottage Studio by another name) about likewise but in a different direction, that our domain qualifies by matching size to a number of those Great Treasure Houses... North Wing, East Wing, South Wing kind of thing.

We played building tag because she tried to catch up with me so I could keep an eye out for visitors, of a sort. One our our customers from a year and a bit ago, who purchased a couple goats to help start their herd, checked in with us to let us know how 'Midnight' (Now Rasta-mon) is doing (very well, thank you, and quite the King of the Herd). Also to propose a trade, since they've also another buck (so totally outside our goat genetic pool) and a trade of one of that buck's yearling buckling offspring for another yearling buckling. Which we did, much to everyone's satisfaction.

Of the late afternoon/early evening Herself and I hied ourselves into Hoggetowne so she could pick up her sewing scissors (she'd taken them in to be sharpened), where we also looked at other accessories for equipping or outfitting both our Studios. All we purchased, though is some twill tape. On the way home we stopped for some groceries for our own dinner last night, which turned into I splurged on Best Girlfriend (well, sort of splurged) and purchased Publix-made sushi. Plus those other groceries, including restocking Queen Mary Kitteh's pantry. Likely we'd not of been allowed back into the house by Madame Queen if we hadn't done so.

Today we're off to help alienorade to do some re-arranging and some re-decorating at her place, and provide a portion of the bribe offering to entice other friends to do the same. Should be good.

Meanwhile, not having been on-line at all yesterday I'm reading over various and sundry here on LJ, in e-mail, and such, at the wide variety of events involving people I know, at least through correspondence and in some cases face-to-face as well. Some of it is quite good, trips to fun places in the near future. Some is not so pleasant, either personal injury, nothing vital, thank Buddha, but all of concern. Not so good. Other is also quite good, people visiting new friends and enjoying their company. I'm not looking at related photographs, however, as today is Not So Much a good dial-up day in the first place, and Old Rural North Central Baja Jorja dial-up in the main place.

Missed someone's birthday yesterday. I know I did, so Hippie Birdbaths to Whomever as LJ is not reminding me of who's birthdays were yesterday...