March 20th, 2009

Houdini & I

Never Enough

Time off, that is. Today is my last working day for a week and a bit. Houdini, Smudge, and Squrrl have been informed of this, but I doubt they truly believe it just yet. Now, it's not a vacation, in the sense that I'm not planning on 'vacating' the Ranch. Though I do believe a staycation (newly minted word last year, eh?) could be the effect, as Herself and I may very well wander over to Ceder Key one day. Some friends of ours are members of an art sales co-operative there and are telling us we should join as well. I'd like to see what's offered, so we know what to slide in.

There are a couple of fairly important Ranch items on the list to complete. There is one very important item for Herself's Sewing Cottage to complete, which will put us a long ways to that building being finished. There are several items for Studio 318 to complete, one which involves the 'posing blocks' and others which involve backdrops. With those done, I shall do some photography as well as continue to work on cataloging current work, and prepping a handful of images for printing. While not anticipating photographing any live models, I do plan on photographing some dead ones. I've several skulls and some other bones ready to photograph.

Now, all I must do is survive this last day at work without summarily executing anyone incurring any wrath...