March 22nd, 2009



A brief update, almost time to go make Morning Rounds. Yesterday entailed some sleeping in, not enough. Then Morning Rounds. Then the Feed Run for Goats. And Hay. Houdini accompanied. Then a bit of odds and ends about the Ranch. Then pack up and head over to alienorade's place for a party. I think the official name of the party (think? Nah, it is) is the 'Pity Party' for those in the Barony An Crosaire who could not go to Gulf Wars.

I didn't go to Gulf Wars, but don't pity me. *G* We brought pulled pork barbacue a la Herself as our contribution. Didn't bring much home, either. Got a few photographs made, will post a couple more to Flickr this afternoon. For now:

Collapse )

Do NOT go there if bright colours will hurt your eyse.

Today, Morning Rounds, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Spring Garden Festival, and whatever.